iCampus360° is the latest generation Cloud Portal, that utilizes a single database to connect prospective and current students, faculty and administration with your school.

Based on WEB 2.0, the iCampus360° Portal combines a comprehensive Student Information System (SIS) with the power of a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) and a robust Learning Management System (LMS) developed at Stanford University, to provide school administrators, faculty and students with a single easy-to-use platform to manage all school-related activities.

Increase Recruitment by streamlining your recruitment processes. iCampus360° provides all the features required for your school’s complete administrative and management reporting. Use detailed recruiter action and history reports to track prospects from initial recruiting efforts through the admissions process.

iCampus360° empowers you to raise your school’s Student Registration and improve your Student Retention Ratio by expanding your online offerings and extended education program, allowing you to manage all student data and generate reports throughout a student’s lifecycle and across all campus functions.

In today’s competitive education landscape, information and applications can securely reside anywhere. iCampus360°’s cloud-based system is the premiere Software as a Service (SaaS) solution designed to help reduce your operating costs and increase efficiency.

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Sample Administration ReportsProspective StudentStudents

Manage Admissions
Review, accept, or deny admission applications with the click of a mouse.

Manage Finances
Set up multiple, unique payment plans and apply them to individual students.

Monitor Payments
View reports on student outstanding balances.

Manage Class Requests
Review, accept, or deny class registration requests.

Administer Social Network
Monitor secure internal campus social network.

Manage e-Profile
Create and manage personal e-Profile for social network.

Manage Schoolwide Policies
Create and manage top level schoolwide policies.

Perform Academeic Advising
Manage academic advising through individual program audits.

Schedule Terms and Classes in Advance
Schedule terms and classes allowing students to register for classes in advance.

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